Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Around our town 2012

I love my town and I could not imagine living anywhere else.  Everyone knows everyone (sometimes not a great thing) but people care.  Dennis and I like to drive around our town during Christmas and see what the Christmas lights look like.  I think our downtown looks beautiful at night.  Here are some of the ones we liked.  Of course, we loved the Farm Bureau building.  Our friend Kaiser put blowing snow in the window and it is my favorite.  He worked long and hard at this project and it was awesome.
We loved this house and I believe it won first place this year.  The lights in the drive way twinkle.
 this was the side fence.  The white snowflakes blink on and off.
Then there was Mike's house which is just out of this world.  I couldn't even get this all in a picture.  There is a little trailer house in the back and Santa opens the door and peeks out.
But this is always my favorite.  Simple and says it all.
Much love, Cheri



  1. Love our town! Kaiser says thanks for the shout out! Your pictures are very very pretty!

  2. Enjoyed, particularly the fact that the true meaning of Christmas is depicted.

  3. CHRISTmas is depicted beautifully in your town of Christmas lights Cheri.
    Very lovely.
    (as were your sweet words to me)

  4. I love driving around and looking at the lights, but I still love your ornaments at the top of the page.