Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pressure sores 2

A while back I did a post on Dennis's pressure sores.  This post was almost 12 months ago and we are still fighting the pressure sores.  That's why it's so important when you see any bruising to start taking care of business.  They told us at the rehab center that a ink pin dot on the surface could be 3 inches wide underneath the surface.  Once again this is not for the faint of heart.  I haven't posted anything on caregiving on a while and figured I needed to post something so I thought I would show the progress of the pressure sores.  It is a very, very slow progress but progress nonetheless.  Here is what it  looked like 12 months ago.

 This is what it looked like about 6 months ago.
This is what it looks like right now.
Slowly but surely. ..and I do mean slowly.  This came on so fast because Dennis had lost a lot of weight when he had his stomach issues.  We look him over very good now and have learned a lot in this process but the main thing we have learned is "pressure sores suck"!

Much love, Cheri



  1. Bless your heart!!!! what pain that must be...

  2. Cheri that is so, so awful. Never realised they could be so bad. I do so pray for your dear husband.

  3. I remember well the very first post I read about Dennis's pressure sores and was so shocked - I had no idea at that time of the enormity of them. It has been a slow healing but hooray look at it now. Well done both of you dear people.!

  4. So understand the pressure sore issues! Colin has had one since sept 2011 on the back of his right calf. I'm not brave enough to post photos! We double check and triple check now for any signs of a pressure sore anywhere else. Praying he continues to heal!