Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Things I love at Christmastime

Dennis's Grandma lives across the street from us and one of the things I love about Christmas is looking over there and seeing this view.  It warms my heart at Christmastime.  This was last year.

This year some very awesome kids from our school got together and put up lights for people who couldn't.  My niece Karley is in that group.
  Now when I look across the street at Grandma's it looks like this and it still warms my heart for different reasons.

 One, that Grandma is still here celebrating with us and two, people cared enough to spend an hour to put up her lights.  Much love, Cheri



  1. It's very kind from those kids...
    Best regards,


  2. What a wonderful idea. It is so good to see the young looking out for the old.

  3. It warms my heart to read this! Merry Christmas

  4. Must be so nice to see lights in the window of Grandma's house as a reminder that she is there and so close.

  5. What a lovely heart-warming post Cheri - and I just adore your header!

  6. Cherie,

    Grace from Perth is having trouble pulling up your blog. She left a note concerning that on my blog today. Janey