Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This is Jana my BFF.
She was a fellow blogger after much talking on my part.  Now, she is not blogging due to her not wanting to pay google the fee on blogger to upload pictures.  (don't get me started)  Today is her big 5-0 birthday and I posted this picture on facebook.
This picture will tell you how long we have known each other.  THE 80's!  I am standing behind her but my glasses are so big I wouldn't dare post my photo on here.

We have gotten older together, and we have been through some of life's major events together.  Jana's mom died when we were younger and she came over to my house so upset.  I remember asking God to give me wisdom and He just kept saying " just be there for her".  Then a few years later she went through another life altering event and we went through that together.  Then it was my turn.  My husband Dennis had his accident and while we were in the emergency room it filled with his friends and family.  After everyone had gone home and I went up to the trauma ICU waiting room there was Jana sitting beside me.  She stayed all night with me and we got to sleep on hard chairs with no pillows.  I can't even tell you what that meant to me.  I hope God has blessed all of you with the kind of friends that He has blessed me with because I can't imagine going through life without them.

P.S.  Did I mentioned that Jana is also a sarcastic brat and she sometimes looks like this.  HA!

Love you girl!!    Cheri


  1. AW,,,,,,you two are the bestest!!!
    I'll just leave this message at one spot Jana and seeing as Cheri did this lovely post for your birthday...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET LADY, it's not true, about life starting at 40 - it starts at 50!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOO YOOOOU!!

  2. A shame as it only costs $5 dollars a year for 20 Gb of photos.
    Great to have long time friends.
    Think life begins at 60!

  3. What a blessing that you have each other!