Thursday, February 28, 2013

Caregiving 101



This week has been a true test of my faith and patience. We had snow, lots and lots of snow. I still have to go to work because I live in town, so off to work I go. The first day wasn't bad but by nightfall we had lost power. Now, we had to have a generator before they would sign off on us at TIRR rehab so a very generous company and person gave us a generator so we could at least run Dennis's bed, suction machine, lift, and vent if need be. So this is where I sometimes have meltdowns at crunch time. First thing, I have to go start the generator in the snow.
OK, well I couldn't get it started .  Apparently I am not strong enough to pull the cord.  So in the blinding snow our neighbor Jason had to come over and in 2 pulls had it started.  No, I didn't cry but I wanted to out of frustration.  Then I thought I had plenty of gas but once again apparently I did not. 
Then you have to run extension cords through our dog door to plug the freezer and electric blanket for mom. 
During the day it turns on the television and at night the blanket.  We have a camping stove for cooking and  battery packed lanterns for light.  It's hard enought to take care of everything and everybody with normal circumstances but this was really annoying.  There were a few times that I would like to put the covers over my head and not come out, but caregivers do not get that luxury.   Through it all we counted our blessings because we did have a generator and many people did not.  We had a fireplace and that was a God send. 
This is out my bedroom door!
The next morning I had to drive to work and although I made it, the drive was scary.  It was me and one other girl and three guys, but we got done what was needed. 
My next post will be about the angels that take care of Dennis and I when we need it!  Much love, Cheri


Saturday, February 23, 2013

What's happening at my house.

This is  what's happening at my house.
Of course, this all happens during the week and since I live in town I still have to go to work.  If you live out of town you can take a vacation day.  This is what is going to happen Sunday night, just in time to go back to work.
I live where the little heart is!  But, on the upside, it's MOISTURE!!!   Much love, Cheri

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vintage Weekly

I am going to post a Vintage Weekly Photo this week.  I have posted this before but it was one of the highlights of my trip to Arles.  This is the exact spot that Van Gogh painted his famous "Cafe Terrace" painting.  We ate the best lunch of our whole trip on the square right across the street from here.

Much love, Cheri 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I am sure those of you who stop by my blog are sick of hearing me talk about the 2 year drought we have had.  We have lost our lake which is a big source of revenue for the little towns around here.  It has been heartbreaking especially since most of us have grown up on that lake.  Well, today we got mositure!! 

Dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful snow and the moisture it has provided us!  Much love, Cheri

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Major Co Fair

I didn't have anything to post about so I thought I would post some pictures I took at the Major County Fair last summer. This building is the Major County Fair Building and it is almost in my backyard.
To kick off the Fair we have Mud Water Volleyball!

Animals of all sorts!

Food and canned goods!

And children doing very important things.

This is one of the perks of a small town and we love it!  Much love, Cheri

Friday, February 1, 2013

Squirrel Maze

I showed you what Dennis's dad had made for us at Christmas. The squirrel maze! Well, we put peanuts and nuts and shelled nuts in there and no takers, until finally we had a brave squirrel.  He had to sit on the top for awhile.  Then he went in...
 And he came out with his mouth stuffed with a nut.

                             Happy Weekend, Much love    Cheri