Thursday, March 7, 2013

It takes a Village!

The last post I showed you a little of what a caregiver has to go throught during a snowstorm and power outage.  This post I'm going to show you why I love living in the place I live with the people I live with.  The first night of having the generator on I told you that our friends Max and Pete came and filled my generator with gas and brought more gas.  What I didn't tell you that most of the roads were impassable, but they did it anyway.  I can't tell you what a relief it was to me.  Then the next day Max came over that morning and filled it again.  When the storm had passed my father in law needed to get over here and a man that lives across the street from has a tractor with a blade.  Brian Gosney blazed a trail for my father in law to get over here to check on Dennis and his mom who lives across the street.  Then Brian cleared my driveway.   This is Brian doing us a huge favor!

People were clearing our streets and our neighbors Sandy and Jason were shoveling neighbors drive ways.

This is what living in a small, caring community is all about.  God is good!  Much love, Cheri 


  1. Great solidarity !
    Happy women's day !
    Best regards from Paris,


  2. What a wonderful community, and very special friends.

  3. How wonderful Cheri that you and Dennis live in a small and caring community. God's grace and community spirit abound.
    Also, your photos are beautiful, gives such a personal look into your amazing street, the trees are exquisite with the snow on them - like it's been glued into place.
    I can imagine that you would be looking forward to Spring?

  4. Such a blessing. Beautiful snow and I know the melt will be a blessing for your water supply.

  5. You live in a wonderful caring community.