Monday, March 18, 2013


My daughter Whitney got engaged last night.  I always knew this day would come but you never really prepare yourself for it.  Her name won't be Boyer anymore, what's up with that?  Nick proposed in a very romantic way and she called me bawling, of course I am thinking they have had a wreck etc.,  but I am happy that she was so over the moon happy.  Then your mom mode kicks in and you can't sleep thinking of things that have to be done and what are we going to do about this and where are we going to do this and finally God says "Cheri, go to sleep, it will all be fine." I always hoped that Dennis and I were good enough parents to be a good example, but just like everything else in life there are days when you are good parents and there are days when you are lousy parents.  You just hope your children know that either way they are unconditionally loved and you hope they can learn from your mistakes.  I know for sure that we could not have done anything without some help from God.   Thanks, God for being there all through her life, during the good times and during the very bad times, you never left her side.  I am so thankful that you are a loving God ready to take us back into your arms and sustain us through everything.  I am hoping that my daughter and her new husband to be, will learn that God is always there for them when they keep Him in there lives and marriage is hard even with God, I can't imagine marriage without Him.  Much love, Cheri (mom)


  1. Congratulations to Whitney and Nick!

    A new chapter about to unfold. How exciting!

    Some very wise words from you in this post Cheri, many of which we should all heed as parents.

    Have a wonderful week over there and hope all is well with you and Dennis.


  2. Congratulations with the engagement of your daughter. You must be delighted!

  3. Pity there is not a 'Like' button like on Facebook!!

  4. Congratulations to Whitney and Nick. And she DID and still DOES have good role models in you and Dennis.