Monday, April 29, 2013


Spring is finally here and my babies are so happy for the warm sunshine!

Even this baby is glad spring is here!
Yay, for warm weather!!  Much love, Cheri

Friday, April 12, 2013

33 years and counting...

Today is Dennis and I's anniversary.  33 years of marriage to the same person which is by today's standard almost impossible.  Oh, it wasn't all fun and games, but it was a covenant before God that we took very seriously and still do. 
This is what we looked like when we fell in love with in the late 70's.  He was a little younger in the first pic but you get the look.
We were wild and carefree in our younger married days.
Then things took a serious turn.  We had a child. (we had better straighten up!)


Lake times.
Then sometimes "life" happens and you wonder why did this happen to you.  But it is in these times that you are now sure there is a God and He has His hand on you, because if He didn't it would be almost impossible to endure.  You rejoice in that fact and you go on with the life you now have.  The "new normal".  Yes, it is different but it is still joyful because "This is the Day the Lord has made".   Happy anniversary to Dennis and I wouldn't trade one day for anything.  Much love, Cheri


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Things I love

This is a random post about things I love.  The first thing is this project I did.  My friend Jana and I bought some old window panes and I took a picture of where I grew up and had it blown up.  Then you put it behind the pane and I love how it turned out.
The second thing is listening to my mom and her niece (who is 6 months older than her) sing the old gospel songs.  There aren't many of our family members left around their age and I try and treasure every moment I have with them.  They love to sing those old songs.
I love the town I grew up in.  Every single thing about it.  From only having one store, one post office, one gas station and one coop and sometimes one cafe if we were lucky.  From the people who were always in your business, to driving up and down main street when we were bored and throwing water balloons during homecoming week when we were suppose to be building floats.
This is a really random post, but I think I was just feeling a little sentimental.  Much love, Cheri

Friday, April 5, 2013

Caregiving 101

Pressure Sores!!  

Good News, we are finally after 2 years getting a grip on Dennis's pressure sores.  He got very sick and lost a lot of weight and promptly got 5 pressure sores.  Both elbow, heel, backside, and ankle.  Here is the elbow last year at this time.

Here it is now.  Yay!!!

You don't realize how long they take to heal.  If you see a dot the size of a pinhead it can be 3 inches wide under the skin.   Both elbows are good and the heel is almost there.  Thank you God!!  Much love, Cheri