Friday, April 5, 2013

Caregiving 101

Pressure Sores!!  

Good News, we are finally after 2 years getting a grip on Dennis's pressure sores.  He got very sick and lost a lot of weight and promptly got 5 pressure sores.  Both elbow, heel, backside, and ankle.  Here is the elbow last year at this time.

Here it is now.  Yay!!!

You don't realize how long they take to heal.  If you see a dot the size of a pinhead it can be 3 inches wide under the skin.   Both elbows are good and the heel is almost there.  Thank you God!!  Much love, Cheri


  1. I am so happy for you both - what an amazing improvement! But like you say a long long healing process.
    Dennis, I cannot begin to imagine the discomfort and pain involved with these terrible sores and my heart goes out to Cheri for loving and worrying so about you dear man.
    Good wishes and much love across the seas to you both.
    BEST PIC I've seen in a LONG time!! YAY.

  2. Awesome!! That has to be a huge relief to both of you! Bob has been having to go to wound care to help some of the places heal where they stripped the veins in his leg, so know just a little bit how you have felt. His surgery was just over 4 months ago, and they are finally nearly healed! Will pray that Dennis' will soon be totally healed also! Velda