Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Things I love

This is a random post about things I love.  The first thing is this project I did.  My friend Jana and I bought some old window panes and I took a picture of where I grew up and had it blown up.  Then you put it behind the pane and I love how it turned out.
The second thing is listening to my mom and her niece (who is 6 months older than her) sing the old gospel songs.  There aren't many of our family members left around their age and I try and treasure every moment I have with them.  They love to sing those old songs.
I love the town I grew up in.  Every single thing about it.  From only having one store, one post office, one gas station and one coop and sometimes one cafe if we were lucky.  From the people who were always in your business, to driving up and down main street when we were bored and throwing water balloons during homecoming week when we were suppose to be building floats.
This is a really random post, but I think I was just feeling a little sentimental.  Much love, Cheri


  1. I'm so glad you were feeling a little sentimental, such a lovely post. (very clever with the window pane/picture!)

  2. That is a nice post, specially about your mom singing her old songs. How sweet.

  3. I love that framed photo too. I'm sure you feel you are looking out of a window when looking at it.

    Must be so peaceful and tranquil living in such a small town.

  4. I sugest you record your mother and friend singing for when they are gone, you will still have the memories.