Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I hate the word tornado.  I have lived in Oklahoma all my life and nothing can put fear in your heart like that word.  With the new equipment we have now we knew that the conditions were good for this to be a deadly tornado and sure enough it happened.  We live in northern Oklahoma and this happened on central Oklahoma (for the third time).  Kids were in school hunkered down in the hallways and under desks.  It turns out to be an E5 the strongest rating of a tornado and it was at times 1 and a third mile wide with winds up to and sometimes over 200 miles an hour.  These images are not mine but I thought it would give you a glimpse into what these people are going through.  You can give to the Oklahoma Red Cross if you feel the desire to help, these people are going to need it.                    

 Whole neighborhoods were destroyed.
 It was a monster.

This is an elementary school and they still don't have all kids accounted for.

Moore, Oklahoma has had 3 major tornados since May of 1999 and this is the path they all took.
Tornadoes had also hit in the upper east part of the state the night before so please pray for the people of Oklahoma.  Much love, Cheri


  1. Une pensée pour toutes les victimes et leurs familles...


  2. I watched the devastations on television here. It is horrible to see what nature can do. Hope you keep well.

  3. I could hardly watch the news. Prayers are coming your way from your neighbor...athe state of Texas.

  4. Awful awful legacies of nature Cheri.
    We've been receiving televised reports over here since it happened and the destruction is just unimaginable.
    Prayers for all of those affected.