Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend Reflections

I haven't done a Weekend Reflections post in a long, long time so I thought I would throw one in.  I went to a meeting in the city and the meeting was on the 50th floor of the brand new Devon Tower in Oklahoma City.  The building is beautiful but there was a infinity pool in the building that was stunning.  The water was so still it looked like glass.

Much love, Cheri


  1. I just love the second one ! What a strange and unsual picture... Impossible to get the top and the bottom at first glance. The reflection mess with my brain and I like it !

  2. Now the pool is where I would want to be!

  3. Great perspective. Reminds me of op art.

  4. Oh Cheri, that pool is stunning! You caught it beautifully with the camera too. The view must be amazing from the 50th floor!

    Thinking of you and Dennis across the oceans.

  5. Sous le bulding... les pavés !
    Sous les pavés... La plage ?

    Biseeeeeeeeeees de Christineeeee