Thursday, June 20, 2013

Canton Lake

I have posted before how our lake is dying because Oklahoma City owns the water rights and the drained it before spring.  We had asked them ro wait till after the spring rains so it wouldn't be so devastating but they said no.  The lake is just now on the mend from the tornado that hit two years ago and now this.  It is a sad sight.
 This is where the trailer park was before the tornado!
 The prairie dogs are everywhere!
Much love, Cheri

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Chapter 3: The nightmare.

I read in Joyce Meyer’s book a passage that said, “Even though we may not see where we are headed or even feel His presence with us, we must keep on taking the steps that are set before us, encouraging and strengthening ourselves with the knowledge that God is working out everything for the best for us as we follow Him in childlike faith and confidence.” That passage took on a special meaning as we entered this new facility that we called Nightmare on 58th street! We came to the ICU unit of Select with great expectations. It was a brand new facility and the rooms were huge with flat screen T.V’s and a chair that laid down into a bed. But, it was so eerily quiet that it was disturbing. My friends Shearl and Mike had brought their son Mickey there about a week ahead of me so I was happy I had someone to talk to. Whitney had to leave and go back to school and I had a meltdown or two or three because I missed her terribly. There were no doctors at this facility but the specialist stopped in to see the patients. We had a lung doctor named Dr Alder who was a little Jewish man and he was A.D.D. We were told he was awesome so I didn’t worry too much. Now I can laugh!
I posted that post 40 days into Dennis's accident.  We were in the lowest point of a valley that I think I have ever been in my entire life. The facility we were at was horrible and I did not see a way out of this mess.  But God did, and he kept leading us through the valley and into the light. When we look at what is going on in the world around us, we can get so discouraged, but we have to remember that we are not of this world; so I read those lines over and over again and they still ring true for Dennis and I today and will ring true forever.  Much love, Cheri
                                 Select Specialty Hospital (we just weren't sure what the specialty was!)
                                          Whitney's pallet on the floor.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Reflections

A couple of weeks ago I posted this weekend reflection picture from the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City.
This is the same infinity pool only at a different angle.

It looks like a slate of marble.  Much Love, Cheri

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Dennis's mom got him a block of squirrel food for his birthday so we set it out for the squirrels.  The first couple of days nothing.  Then one squirrel found it and gave it a try.

Well, then the rest of the squirre;s found it and there wasn't enough room!!

                                                           Much love, Cheri

Monday, June 10, 2013

Closing of a chapter

I am trying to figure out when I became the adult.  When did I start having to watch my loved ones become older and struggle with everything?  It’s hard and it’s purely selfish on my part but, I don’t like chapters of my life closing, knowing that they are gone forever.  I have blogged about Dennis’s Grandma before; this is a picture of one of the kindest hearted ladies I have ever known.

She has lived across the street from us for 15 years and it has been a joy I will always be grateful to God for. I wish I hadn’t taken those short 15 years for granted and now they are coming to an end.  It’s time for Grandma to go to a facility where they will take good care of her and we won’t worry about her being alone.  She spent a lot of years taking care of people in retirement apartments so I am praying that God will send special people to care and look after her.  I do believe that God has a law called reaping and sowing and she should be reaping some very good caregivers.  When Grandma moved here she would take our ironing and do it every week.  She loved doing things for us.  She would bake bread and sew up ripped jeans.  She was an excellent seamstress.  She loves to talk about the “old” days and her family growing up in Honeywell, Ks and in Blackwell, Ok.  Her stories are so interesting and her memory of the old days is spot on, it’s just her short term that is having some problems.  She loves family and even her nieces and nephews travel to visit and stay with her.

She is 95 now and she is tired, her memory is getting a little confused and she knows she needs help.  She does not want to be a bother to anybody.  So a new chapter will start for her at the nursing home and a new chapter will start for us not having Grandma right across the street.  I am going to miss this view at Christmastime.
Much love, Cheri


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tornadoes ...Again!!

This video is what we were watching last night on T.V. as Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas got hit again.  In the last two weeks we have had numerous tornadoes and 33 deaths so far.  This time it caught people on the interstate and roads going home or trying to get someplace safe.  Almost all 9 deaths were car related.  I think there were 4 on the ground in the OKC area and 3 or 4 in other areas. 
This is a picture of the storm chasers car from the Weather Channel.  They were very fortunate.
During all this a caregiver's job is  stressful.  I am usually at work or getting ready to come home.  We have to be prepared when you have a patient with a spinal cord injury, there are no last second decisions.  When we bought our house we were so excited it came with a cellar, well that doesn't do Dennis a lot of good now.  So we put Dennis in the shower which has cement around it and mom and the dogs go to the cellar.  We also put a motorcycle helmet on Dennis in caseof flying debris.  If I am at work we have a plan in play but if I am home here is the dilema.  Do I stay up with Dennis and ride it out or do I leave him and go below ground?  Hard decision because either way there is going to be questions.  Question...How could you leave him up there alone?  Answer .. I have a daughter I don't want to leave without any parents.  If I stay up with Dennis it's going to be "you shoudl have gone below.  So far, thank God, we have be blessed and not had to make that decision yet.  This tornado season is not over yet so keep praying.  Much love, Cheri