Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tornadoes ...Again!!

This video is what we were watching last night on T.V. as Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas got hit again.  In the last two weeks we have had numerous tornadoes and 33 deaths so far.  This time it caught people on the interstate and roads going home or trying to get someplace safe.  Almost all 9 deaths were car related.  I think there were 4 on the ground in the OKC area and 3 or 4 in other areas. 
This is a picture of the storm chasers car from the Weather Channel.  They were very fortunate.
During all this a caregiver's job is  stressful.  I am usually at work or getting ready to come home.  We have to be prepared when you have a patient with a spinal cord injury, there are no last second decisions.  When we bought our house we were so excited it came with a cellar, well that doesn't do Dennis a lot of good now.  So we put Dennis in the shower which has cement around it and mom and the dogs go to the cellar.  We also put a motorcycle helmet on Dennis in caseof flying debris.  If I am at work we have a plan in play but if I am home here is the dilema.  Do I stay up with Dennis and ride it out or do I leave him and go below ground?  Hard decision because either way there is going to be questions.  Question...How could you leave him up there alone?  Answer .. I have a daughter I don't want to leave without any parents.  If I stay up with Dennis it's going to be "you shoudl have gone below.  So far, thank God, we have be blessed and not had to make that decision yet.  This tornado season is not over yet so keep praying.  Much love, Cheri 


  1. prayers for the victim... I hope things will be okey soon and I hope it wont happen again...

    be safe :)

  2. Those are scary images and hard times for you to cope with. Hope you will be ok.

  3. May nature be kind and you never have to make those decisions, ever.

  4. I wish you didn't have to think about making those decisions. I, too, hope that nature is kind and you don't have to worry about it this season!

  5. You should definitely go to the cellar. No doubt in my mind.