Saturday, July 20, 2013

Grand Lake

Normally this is the time of year we pack our many, many belongings in the 100 degree heat and go to Grand Lake with our friends.  For many reasons we are not making that voyage this year, but we will be there in spirit.  This photo is the bridge sitting right by where we stay in Honey Creek and I am posting it for Weekend Reflections.  As my husband says, it will always be home away from home.
P.S.  We are going to be taking some day trips during my week vacation so if anyone has any good suggestions in the Oklahoma area please let us know.  Much love, Cheri


  1. The little town I live in, Guthrie, is a nice place to spend the day. I am not sure how many of the wonderful down town shops are wheelchair-friendly though. There's an awesome new coffee place, Hoboken, that I know has a ramp. Great coffee, owners, and muffins and scone. Always good music playing.

  2. That is a perfect reflection shot.

    I remember as a kid...the excitement of driving up to Turner Falls.

  3. Thanks Joan, we have some good friends we have been meaning to visit in Guthrie so this might be a road trip!

  4. My goodness! has it really been a year?? Where ever has that time gone. It honestly does not seem a year since you posted on your 3/4 days there.
    You and Dennis will enjoy some fabulous day tripping instead, and besides, think of all the Maccas you can visit. ;)

  5. That's a stunning shot, well done.

  6. Hope you find some suitable places and have a good time.