Saturday, September 14, 2013

Road trip #1 - Stillwater

I am officially on vacation for a week.  Last year we went to Grand Lake but this year we decided to stay home instead of packing up everything we own, and just take some day trips.  I always need a vacation after my vacation because taking care of Dennis away from home is harder than at home.  The first road trip we took was a few weeks ago and we went to Stillwater, Ok to see our daughter.  I love Stillwater in the summer when all the students are away, but in the fall it can be very busy!  I still love it and it always brings back great memories of how I squandered my two years of college!  But I can say without a doubt I did have fun.  The first part of this road trip blog is my nostalgic look at my time at OSU. 
This is my dorm South Bennett and at that time really bad dorms with no air-conditioning.  The rooms were really nice and big but it was HOT in the fall and spring.  The girls were on one side and the boys on the other.
 This was my best friend Jackie Martini and she was from Owasso.  I didn't know a soul and she came into my room on the first night and said hello because she didn't know anyone either.  She had a huge corner room.
 She was also on the OSU track team as a hurdler and that is Gallagher- IBA behind her.  Yes, I am old.

 This is me getting ready to go see....
 Ted Nugent!  This was the 70's after all!!!
 Much love, Cheri


  1. Love the sharing. You haven't changed very much, a little different color hair. So Cute.

    Have fun.


  2. Enjoy your road trips Cheri and Dennis and wow, these images are sooooo 70's!!! (From one 70's gal to another!)

  3. What a cutie....Enjoy your change of scenery .