Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Road Trip-OKC Bombing Memorial part #2

When we went in to the memorial we were lead to the 3rd floor and
went into a room that had an actual recording of the the Water Board resources meeting.  She hit her gavel at 9:00 and started the meeting and at 9:02 you hear the bomb go off.  Doors open and it takes you through the chaos of the following minutes.  Even though we remember the day, this reminds us of the horror that everyone went through in the following minutes.  The first helicopter video and the shock when we saw half the building gone.

We went through and saw the displays of baby shoes and eyeglasses and car keys.  This is the actual sign made by a man on the 9th floor.

It had a lot of photos of the many dogs they used but this one melted my heart.


 A man from New York made this when he saw the picture of the firefighter and the little baby.
The thing that really stuck out to me and I wish I would have got a picture was the way the pieced together the Ryder truck that carried the bomb.  They had tiny pieces and big pieces but they had them all lined out forming the truck.  In all that mess they had pieced together what they could.  It was amazing. 
As we left there was one last glimpse of Jesus.
In my next post I will have a quad wife confession of what went on behind the scenes of Dennis and I's day.  It was crazy and it was also God being in control of our lives.  Much love, Cheri

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  1. A beautiful and fitting memorial to all those affected by this terrible act. I can well understand how moved you must have been.