Sunday, October 27, 2013

Patio Room

I am having blogging block right now so I thought I would show you my patio room that I have made in to my 70's room!  If you follow my blog you know that I was born in the 50's (yes, i am old) and I love everything about the 60's and 70's.   I decided to do my patio room in the decades and time that I love.  Here is a before shot.  I could only find one very dated shot of my patio room but you will get the idea, and I was painting so don't look at the chairs!

Here is what I did.  some will hate and some won't but I love it and I'm glad I took the plunge.
 My bookcase.  I couldn't find a bookcase I liked or wanted to spend the money on so I took my Walmart black laminate one and painted it.

I got the clock at an Antique store and the old screw on legs with the brass coating on ebay.  I painted it orange and on the inside yellow.  The old tin watering can I love, the elephant was my husbands Grandma's.  You lift up the center of the elephant and it has five little ashtrays inside.  It is adorable.

Dennis's grandma had to go to the nursing home so we sold a lot of her stuff.  Some I bought because I couldn't stand to see someone else have Grandma's things.  We took her yellow velor couch and it went perfect in here.  Also her coffee table and ashtrays.  By the way, none of us smoke they are just for looks!  Grandma knitted that afghan.

The table has Grandmas grapes sitting on it, she made them and they are awesome!
This corner has a lot going on.  It's Grandma's console AM/FM radio, 8 track player and turntable.  I have Dennis's old albums and my old albums plus some of Grandmas.  We have a few 8 tracks and all my old 45's.  We have Grandmas really cool lamp and I have my old Beatle pillow I have had since 4th grade. Of course you have to have some T.V. trays. 

I framed two of our album cover and I switch them out as the mood strikes me.  Right now os Rollings Stones and Crosby Stills, Nash and Young.
I had this kitchen cart and I just loaded it down with things I love. 

I had bought this chair and I had it recovered.  I bought the pillow cover on ebay.  Grandma had this old plastic faded yellow table outside.  I dusted the cobwebs off and painted it orange and ordered this sticker to put on it.  I love it!
This room makes me happy and I'm all about that!  Much love, Cheri
What you don't see is at the other end is Dennis's computer and my treadmill, it messes up the theme but what can you do!


  1. Great job. It was good enlarging the pics and looking at all the details. Isn't it funny how prominent ashtrays used to be in a room. I remember two having pride of place in our sitting room at one time!

  2. Being a child of the 50's myself, I LOVE it, love the 60's and 70's look. You've done well cheri! Congrats!

  3. That is what home is all about.....making us happy

  4. That's a great retro room! Love the colors. Love your header also.

  5. I haven't visited in a long time, so it was nice to scroll back through your posts. I'm old too (55), I'm not sure I like the 60s and 70s, but this room IS fun! Sorry about the toe, glad you have had a few road trips this past summer. Take care!

  6. Love it, think it is great fun and colourful for a patio room.

  7. I. Really like the pops of orange!

  8. Hi Cheri, thank you for your sweet words and though I'd drop by and just say hello and hope that you're just have bloggers-block.
    Praying you and Dennis are happy and well and sending all good thoughts your way.

  9. You did a super job here Cheri, the yellows and oranges are such cheerful, uplifting colours.. Retro is good :)