Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quad Wife Confessions-Road trip, Behind the Scenes!

Ok, the week of my vacation started out with me painting a dresser, I had to go in to the house and of course I was barefooted, hit my toe on the stool and broke my toe.
It hurt.....
So we went on a couple of small day trips and then Friday of my vacation we were going to take my mom to Del City, Ok. so she could go to her Alumni party.  My aunt was bringing her home and then staying a few days.  It is about a 2 hr trip to Del City so we started out about 10:30.  Dennis's pacemaker went off as we were getting in the van but we didn't care, we had the spare and you have about 6 hours from when the first alarm sounds.  So off we go to the OKC.  When we got to Del City we had lunch with my aunt Rubena and mom at a cafe.  Here is how they made it ADA approved.  Slapped down concrete and duct taped the hand rail.  LoL!
Well, we ate our dinner and my mom and I ordered their famous coconut cream pie but it was taking a long time and Dennis and I decided to get going.  I told the waitress to cancel our order ( Dennis and I was going to share a piece).  We left and went downtown to the Memorial and got lost.  I took Dennis to a part of town that I knew we were not suppose to be in, so we headed north and found the memorial.  I parked and decided to hide the other pacemaker in a good spot since it is so expensive and Medicare will not pay for another one.    I paid for the weird parking (see previous post) and set out for the Memorial.  We got through the third floor and got in the elevator to go to the second floor when Dennis's pacemaker alarm went off again.  And then off again.  I was like OK find a bench on the second floor and pull over.  We found a bench and I was going to change the batteries out. (we always carry a spare).  So here is what I looked like on the second floor of the bombing memorial.
It was a little worse than this cause I had all but dumped my purse out on the bench along with his bag.  I could not find a screw driver to unscrew the piece that holds the battery.  I did not panic because my very calm husband asked if I had a  pocket knife and I did.  But it was too little and I got one side of the tray but not the other.  The allen wrenches were worthless and by this time people were beginning to notice us.  Finally, I kept thinking what would MacGyver do??  I know my father-in-law well enough to know that he would have put a screwdriver in this bag somewhere, and finally I found a little zipped part and there was the screwdriver!  So I got the new battery in and turned it on and the battery was old and wouldn't work.  I quickly put the other battery back in and we went through the second floor in record time.  As we were walking to the car I started looking for my car keys and nope, not in my bag.  We got to the car and my husband who thinks things through, always has a spare set and we got in.  As I was getting ready to go back up to the second floor to where I dumped my purse, I spotted the keys sitting where I had hid Dennis's second pacemaker.   Thank You Jesus!  We switched out pacemakers and went to my favorite antique store.  I called my mom as we were leaving the city.  She was getting ready for her alumni banquet and she had gotten food poisoning from the coconut cream pie and was throwing up!  Thank you God for directing Dennis and I to leave earlybecause that would have been a disaster.  Mom got better in time for her banquet and Dennis and I still had a great outing because God is in control of our lives and He never leaves us or forsakes us.  Did we panick?  no.  Did we get scared?  no. This is why I always call these quad  wife confessions because what I did get was annoyed.  I wanted to see the second floor and I had to hurry through.  Oh well, we will have to take another trip there!   DON'T JUDGE ME :)   Much love, Cheri




  1. Aptly titled, 'behind the scenes' alright!! What a train of events Cheri! I'm glad you both pulled through still smiling..... :)

  2. Wow. Some days are better than others. Sorry about your toe. That hurts to think about it. But all's well that ends well I guess. The Lord has his hand on you two.

  3. You do so much better than I would I'm not that good in a stressful situation Also I'm not a very patient person, hats off to how you handle it all, so I will judge you do great.

  4. Your foot...not so pretty!....but you my dear are amazing....