Thursday, October 10, 2013

Road Trip - Stillwater (cont)

These are some pictures we took while we were in Stillwater.  This is the ware memorial at Boomer Lake

 Whitney and Dennis drove down the path.
The Stadium!  Go Pokes!!!
The new training facility.
Much love, Cheri


  1. Impressive memorial, and in a beautiful setting. I like the picture of Dennis and Whitney looking over the lake.

  2. Hi Cheri, well I don't know what happened this time but wooohooo! I clicked on your comment on my page and here we are, but up until now it's been showing me a 'no connect' sign. I've just been reading through your last posts and I must say you are a marvel, I was holding my breath all the way through the last post :) I admire you both so much for your beliefs it must be very reassuring. Hopefully, computer cliches aside, I will be able to keep reading your story, as like all your readers, I find yourself and family very inspiring.