Monday, November 18, 2013

It's always something!

SCI's(Spinal Cord Injury) are hard enough and then there is the every day crap that goes along with having a spinal cord injury.  I do believe that my husband has to be the most patient man alive and it is not by choice.  If it is late at night and he needs something scratched, I don't jump right up and do it.  I first say "really" like he would make it up so I could jump out of bed at 3:30.  Then I lumber out of bed and take my time.  My blogger friend Dana said she is passive agressive toward her husband who is also in a wheelchair and I think that is maybe true of a lot of caregivers. We do what we need to do in a detached way while harboring agressive feelings inside.  Dennis can not feed himself, so what is the chore I hate the most?  You get the drift?  He never gets things done the minute he asks, it's always later or if I forget he will have to remind me again, and as I have said many times you may think I am a selfish person but that is OK, because I love Dennis and will be the first to mow down anyone who hurts or is mean to him in any way. This is what sucks about SCI, you can be going along feeling great and life is good, which is so few and far between in SCI world that you have to enjoy the moments.  Just when you think OK, we got this, something out of left field hits you.  Dennis's pressure sore on his ankle tested positive for ecoli and some other things.  He gets to take a shot for two weeks and an antibiotic to go along with the shot.  It sucks.  He is feeling great and now this comes at us. They told him he is going to feel like crap, but the last time this happened he didn't so we are trying to be very positive.  It is for two weeks, we can do this!  The great thing is that God is right beside us, and He will never leave us or forsake us.   We are going to be praising Him in this storm and giving Him the glory when we get to the other side. In the mean time I have my Christmas up and I am going to sit back and enjoy.  (Don't judge me).  I have done a couple of projects and I'll show some photos.

This is the only one I have finished this year.

And this is my baby Deacon wishing he could go run in the front and chase cats.

 I will go wash my glass door now.   Much love, Cheri


  1. Cheri, your honesty about your feelings is so refreshing!! May God bless you and Dennis richly during this holiday season, and prayers going up that the next 2 weeks will go swiftly and without further complications! Velda

  2. Cheri, I'm not in your shoes, but can understand your feelings. Caregivers needs are as important as the patient. Your projects look great and don't worry about that glass. It will only get dirty again. Have a great Christmas season and do things you enjoy.

  3. I can only imagine how it is to be constantly caring for someone, I think you're an angel. God's blessings for you both.

  4. I think you're amazing Cheri and I'm 100% sure Dennis does too. You are both so lucky to have such strong faith, I imagine it helps a lot through the harder times. You go girl.. remember to take some time for yourself when you get the chance.

  5. I don't see my comment here either. Strange. I wanted to tell you Cheri that I think you are a saint. Appreciate your honesty and i am sure it is normal in your situation.