Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Christmas

I love Christmastime and I am always a little sad when it's over, but I am also a little relieved . The hustle and bustle of taking care of Dennis, working and gettting ready for the holidays takes it toll on me after awhile.  I did love seeing my family at Christmas and it makes me sad we don't see each other more during the year, but our lives are all so busy.  We need to take more time and slow down.  Here are some snaps of my family during the holidays.  My daughter Whitney and her husband Nick.
 Dennis with his gifts from Santa!
Whitney and I in our Christmas jammies on Christmas morning.
We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and will pray for everyone a Happy New Year!
Much love, Cheri

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mary, Did You Know?

Being a mother I often wonder about Mary.  During the joy of childbirth did she really understand God's plan for her son.  Did she worry the whole time he was growing up about what was to come?The heartbreak of watching Him suffer unspeakable cruel torture and then watching Him die on the cross....for us.  Thank you, God for sending your son to save us, the best gift ever.  Merry Christmas and much love, Cheri

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pre Christmas

I love the holiday time of cooking and baking and buying and wrapping gifts.  I have to keep myself in check about what the holiday is all about or I tend to get wrapped up in the festive part and not the Christ part.  Today we are getting ice and then it started snowing and I had made candy and cocoa and breads, when of course my sink clogs.  I know a young man who works for a plumber and he came over.  Then our friend Max stopped in so we were in good hands.   It took three times, but they finally got it going. 

I had a pot of chili on the stove so Josh got to take home chili, candy and chex mix.  These guys were life savers.  I think God puts people in your life for a reason and I am so glad he has put some of these people around us.
Like I said I had made candy and I would like to thank whoever makes this.  They made my life a lot easier!
The whole weekend it has been sleeting and now snowing.  My retro room has been very cozy.  My favorite things at Christmas are the decorations.

One thing that makes me sad this year.  I posted a few years back one of my favorite things about Christmas was seeing the candles lit at Grandma's house across the street.  This photo was from a few years back.

 This year we had to move Grandma to the nursing home and her house is now up for sale.  It makes my heart sad but it also reminds me how precious time is and to spend it wisely.
Everyone have a Blessed Christmas!  Much love, Cheri