Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vintage Weekly- Paris

I am working on a caregiving post but I have started and stopped it numerous times.  It sounded like a pity party, it sounded mean, it sounded whiny or all of the above, so I thought I would throw out a non caregiving post and go back to vintage weekly.  Some more of Paris!!

Remember these were taken with non digital cameras that's what make vintage weekly the blog it is.

This photo was inside Notre Dame and the lighting was bad.

This is outside in the courtyard.
this is the stained glass inside again.
The courtyard of Notre Dame is covered with tourist and most of all beggers.  They warn you not to get taken.  It is a beautiful church with the most stunning stained glass.
Much love, Cheri


  1. I loved this of course! Ah, Pari......
    As for your caregiving posts Cheri, you tell it real, warts and all - I can only but admire your utter honestly, the ups the downs and the in between.

  2. Those are sweet memories, Paris is a magical city!

  3. Could we ever have imagined. I think not. Even our mobile phones take better pictures than the old cameras.

  4. Beautiful shots, even with the high noise value. Thanks for sharing :)