Saturday, May 31, 2014

Small Towns

Today there was an auction a block from my house at the fairgrounds!

I love living in a small town and I frequently hear the liberal media call us "the fly over states", and I feel sorry for them because they will never know the gift of a close knit community.  One of the reasons i love the small town life is because no matter where you go it's a fun time.  Our town has a group of people called The Lion's Club and they do some great things around our town.  I feel very close to this group because my husband's father Larry is a "Lion". 
That is Larry and Dennis in deep discussion I'm sure about something very important and probably about lawn mowers.  When my husband had his accident they held a fund raiser for us and we will be forever grateful to them.  A lot of the people from this group along with friends and church family came to our house and built on and modified it.  So today they had an auction to raise some money for their scholarship program.  We got there early to look around.

Did I mention the homemade pies and donuts and coffee!

I got a lot of treasures! LOL

On a good note we bought a lawn mower for 25.00, on a bad note it was Larrys and he would have given it to us!  It's a donation for a good cause.  We also bought a big gardening cabinet for a great price.

I had a really good time visiting and bidding.  Small towns are great!  Much love, Cheri


  1. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful day. You managed to find some real treasures. I don't have a red phone either........."you 'dun' good."

  2. I completely understand your sentiments about living in small towns Cheri. It was like that for me in the Hunter Valley.
    I adore your treasures - and that red phone would go for $95 here at the vintage shops without hesitating!
    Hoping all is well with you both and what a fun auction day!

  3. It does sound fun Cheri and such a Blessing for you. Much more to see when enlarging the photos.

  4. I sometimes wish I'd grown up in a small town - instead I grew up in three different cities in three different countries, so don't have any real roots. That does sound like fun.

  5. Hey Cheri. I grew up in a small north Texas town. ...and it was fun too. Now I. At least spend my summers in a small town...make that tiny!