Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring has Sprung

I love it when things are going smoothly, and in the life of a Spinal Cord family those times are precious.  It is now getting warm enough where we can enjoy the evenings and go places without freezing!  I took some spring time photos for all of you who follow my blog and live in the colder parts of the world.  Our squirrels are getting used to the new bird bath.  The water tends to get a little deep for the birds so we put a brick in the middle. 
 Iris's are going great.  We have a ton so I will be splitting them up and handing them out to anyone who needs some.
Our resident cardinal is still around.  He is beautiful.
 And, my clematis is growing beautiful this year.  I have decided to go get one more plant and put it in my front yard.
Now in Oklahoma it will get scorching hot so this scene will not look like this in about another month and a half!  We have to enjoy while we can.   Much love , Cheri


  1. Spring is always a hopefull season, flowers start blooming and everything becomes green. The birds are flying and singing around here nestling in the trees. Love your clematis, looks very nice.

  2. So glad you are having a lovely Spring Cheri. Saw the squirrels out here too this am.