Thursday, June 12, 2014

Road Trip

I get very envious of people who get to live in the same town as their daughters.  It doesn't seem to happen a lot but I am very jealous of the people it does happen to.  Mine doesn't live far, but for Dennis and I, a road trip entails more than hopping in the car.  It takes planning and patience and we never get to stay very long enough.   So as a caregiver that is one of the most frustrating and
sometimes sad things for me.  Today, we decided to surprise our daughter and take her to lunch since she is working.  We had some items that we needed to take to her and we thought this would be the perfect day trip.  This is Dennis in front of the newly remodeled Student Union and yes, it is amazing, but, I am a sentimental girl and I want it to look like it did in the '70's.  I didn't recognize anything.  Where is the basement bowling alleys?  I should mention if you click on the pictures they do enlarge.

 So instead of the bowling alley in the basement they have banks and places to snack and very cool places to study and relax.
 The nice little teller asked if she could help me and I told her I would like to file a complaint.  By then Whitney had heard and saw me. 
Whitney was opening an account so we waited in the little lounge area and I took a picture of Dennis under a sign of something he always wanted to be!

They had a chick-fil-a upstairs so we grabbed lunch and ate outside where it was beautiful.

I was very impressed with how accessible the campus is now.  By this time I had smudged my camera lens!

We had a great road trip but it is always to short.   Much love, Cheri