Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We have been battling 4 pressure sores for almost 3 years.  It consists of the left and right elbow, right heel and left ankle.  Dennis had got very sick in late 2011 and he lost a lot of weight, and the aftermath of the weight loss is pressure sores.   Well,  praise the Lord,  after going to wound care for 2 1/2 years we are almost done.  Both elbows are clear  and the right heel is clear.  The only one left is the left ankle and it was the one the gave us the most trouble.  It was the one that got three infectious diseases in it at one time and he had to take 3 shots a day for twelve weeks.  We are so blessed that we made it through that time and now he is doing great.  He only has to go to wound care once a month to check on the ankle.  The downside of this is the "affordable care act".  Please don't leave comments how you love the affordable care act because they will fall on deaf ears.  We struggle because of this law and they did not think the shots were necessary.  His infections were classified as non-life threatening which is a lie.  Because of this coding medicines are not fully covered and hug presciption bills come our way.  Thanks OK, we have always been taken care of and will continue to be.  We cast our cares and trust in our God.   I have to remember to walk in love because sometimes when this bill comes up (among other things in this administration) I can get off the love walk fast! 

In other news, it has been hot!   105's
This picture isn't great because I took it through my window because I didn't want to scare him.  He was chillin in the birdbath.
Right now we have a bit of cooling spell waiting on some rain.  Much love, Cheri

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July

If you know me, you know that I am very extremely passionate about politics.  I believe in the constitution and what it stands for.  Before Dennis's accident we would always go to the lake with our friends and of course it was always windy!  When we got off the lake we would ride in to town and go watch the fireworks in our small community, sometimes sitting in the boat.  When Dennis had his accident he was in the hospital on July 4th and it was one of the worst most depressing days of my life.  I knew our life would never be be the same and going to the lake was over.  I knew my friends were there now, because life goes on.  As I was sitting there with Dennis, who was out of it, two of our friends came to sit with me that day.  They were a gift given to me from God and I will always be grateful to them.  So now, with SCI you learn to have new traditions and different normals. Now we go to our friends and have a 4th of July party.  The kids swim and we eat and visit and have a great time.  God is good.

                                                      Much love, Cheri