Monday, September 1, 2014

Heat and Cold

Our little town's annual car show was this weekend.  My husband used to love this weekend, but me, not so much.  For one thing, the last weekend in August in Oklahoma is sweltering.  Plus, I am not into cars, they get me from point A to point B.  This weekend our friend Max came and got Dennis to go to the car show.  Dennis only lasted about an hour and the heat got him.  It's a bad deal when a quadraplegic gets overheated and I think he was right on the verge of getting there, but was smart enough to come home.  If there had been some wind it would have helped but of course, this is the one day in Oklahoma that the wind is not sweeping down the plain.  For a quad you can not be in extreme heat or extreme cold, so Dennis and I have a small window of time where we can comfortably do things outside and go places.  I used to take my vacation in July, now I take it toward the end of September. (Life changes, new normals)  But in the small time he was there he got to see a few people and he had a good time.  I, on the other hand, had an hour to myself and it took me 30 minutes to decide what to do.  #quadwifeproblems!  I didn't go to the car show this yea,r but I took some photos a couple of years ago.  There are some very pretty cars and motocycles that come from all around.

                    I loved this one!


My little town always makes me proud.  Much love, Cheri


  1. I love the quad wife problem of not knowing what to do when you have free time! I can very much relate.
    Glad your husband got to enjoy his time out, even if it was just for a bit.
    Love reading your blog.

  2. Glad Dennis got some time and for you I guess it was like when our children are young and suddenly they are not there we don't know what best to do with our time.

  3. That really grabbed me Cheri, "life changes, new normals" - how utterly true for you and Dennis. I can only but try to imagine how debilitating the sweltering heat is for Dennis and I trust he enjoyed what little time he had at the show. Taking your time off toward the end of September would certainly give more opportunity to get out and about and enjoy it.
    Take care of you, and yours.