Monday, September 22, 2014

Homecoming in my hometown.

Homecoming is a big week in my hometown.  Football, homecoming queen and parades!  This year I was on vacation so Dennis and I got to go to the parade and I haven't been to one since my daughter was a senior which was 10 years ago. But, as you know from my last post, the heat is a big deal to Dennis and it was hot.  We found shade for the parade and we had a little breeze so it was OK. These two little girls were the cutest future cheerleaders ever.
So then the anticipation starts and the crowd gathers downtown main street.  They block off traffic and the parade begins!
Here come the cheerleaders!

Here are the football boys.

My niece Karley is the Junior homecoming queen attendant.

Then we have the pep rally and Karley is helping with that also!

Then this is what you do to get cooled off!  You go to our drugstore that happens to have the best ice cream and dive in!
Great day and we won our game!   We love our small town life!  Much love, Cheri


  1. You had a great day I see, the girls are adorable.

  2. Looks fun and the ice-creams looks good.😀