Friday, November 7, 2014


I didn't realize how much I loved my squirrels until I started going through my photos of the little creatures.  I have taken a lot of them over 8 years since Dennis's accident.  You can say they are therapy for us.  Today I put nuts and food in "the barn" ,
                                                                      "THE HOTEL"
                                                                          The Maze


the maze


It is suppose to get really cold next week and stay that way for a while.  I hate cold weather so I got a lot of yard work done today and put summer things away.  :(
We dusted off Ronald McDonald so they could play with him.  Poor Ronald has been through it!  He has fallen from the top of the tree and been wrestled to death!

Hopefully they have enough food stored for the winter and can entertain Dennis and I all season! 
Much love, Cheri


  1. The squirrels have the time of their lives in your garden, even a hotelstay with dinner served.

  2. I love your various squirrel houses and toys and I am sure they must bring a lot of joy for Dennis watching their antics.

  3. Because we don't have the little sweeties here, I love your squirrel posts Cheri!
    If you don't want it, send some cold over here - I'm melting! :)