Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 part 1

I was thinking of what all I was thankful for this year and most of all I am thankful for everyone being healthy and no hospital visits for us this year.  One exception is my mom, who tripped over my dog and now has a bum shoulder.  This time of year always reminds me when we first came home from Houston 8 years ago.  We came home on October 1 and that first Thanksgiving at home was the best.  Being gone 5 months from home can make you very thankful.  The only thing that got us through that time was God and God alone.  This is from my journal when the holidays came around after Dennis’s accident.

“As the holiday celebrations moved closer we tried not to look at what used to be and look at the wonderful things to come.  I was very thankful my family was still together and we were celebrating the most wonderful gift, God sending His only son to die for us that we may live with Him.” 

Eight years later I am still very thankful for those things.  We do not take anything for granted anymore, and the time we spend with friends and family is more precious than ever.  Every day is a gift from God and we need to make the most of it.  Spread the Word, give Him the glory and love one another.  

Some pictures of when we came home 8 years ago! two very precious friends

  The plane I had to travel on from Houston!  Ugh

My family.

                                                              Much love, Cheri


  1. Touched my heart deeply - a very poignant post Cheri.

  2. What a sight that must have been...Your love ones (and support group) waiting for you. You do have blessings.