Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pity Parties

This month has been tough.  Dennis has been very sick, on oxygen, infections and stomach pain.  This is not fun for us during what is suppose to be the most wonderful time of the year.  Since he has been sick I haven't got to do much shopping and he hasn't got to go with me at all.  He didn't get to go to my Christmas party and we had to miss some parties.  OK, I am having a pity party.  I never claimed to be a saint and I sure am not acting like one this month.  I love to shop during Christmas season and right now everything has come to a stand still.  I also love church during the holiday and I miss my church family. We had to miss all the festivities downtown in our little town, I miss these things and I am sure Dennis does also.  Most of all I just want Dennis to feel better, it sucks that he has a spinal cord injury and that he has to feel so bad on top of everything.  The one thing when you are going through all this is that you have to dig deep and if you don't have something to dig into you are going to sink.  God is the one constant in our life that anchors us and gives us the strength to get through the day.  Some days Dennis feels so bad I am not sure he wants to go on and in those moments I get out God's Word and just start reading.  It truly gets better.  This Christmastime maybe God is wanting us to reflect on the best gift that He freely gave us.  I need to start meditating on this amazing gift. get in the thankful and praise minded spirit and stop feeling sorry for myself.  The internet has some great shopping deals!!

                    Jesus is the reason for the season!   Much love, Cheri




  1. I'm praying with you both, for strength and peace. And I think it is okay to have a pity party.

  2. I'm with Tanya, you go girl.
    This has been a really tough run Cheri, and of course I mean Dennis as well. I can only but imagine how much you'd like him to feel better.

    Prayers and love across the miles during this special season to you and Dennis and is that little Toby?


  3. Don't condemn yourself because if your feelings Cheri. Ever since I have known you through blogging you have always been an inspiration along with Dennis, sharing your faith and the faithfulness go God. Prayers continue for strength and peace in all you do with moments of joy interspersed.