Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sickness, Christmas and the ICU

Two days before Christmas Eve I got the flu.  Bad.  Somehow I managed to host Christmas Eve and we had a great time.  Christmas Day came and still going getting a little better every day.  Saturday after Christmas my husband Dennis started feeling bad and by that evening we were in the E.R and he was unresponsive.  He had a bowel obstruction and it was bad.  After spending 3 days in the ICU with no sleep he was getting a little crazy.  He looked at me that day and said, "get me home".  He was discharged and we made our way home with a little pneumonia in one lung.  Well, that was enough to keep his oxygen stats down and it has been a struggle.  Last night I think we had break through and we are going to start our climb back up.  So I am leaving 2014 behind and looking for the new start to 2015!
                                Much love and God Bless!!  Cheri


  1. Cheri, prayers going up for you and Dennis for healing and strength to deal with the health issues. I pray that Dennis gets stronger each day and his oxygen levels come up, Our God is a god of miracles and hope, and He will see you through! Love, Velda

  2. Thinking of you Cheri and praying for you both. A Very Happy New Year.

  3. How on earth did I miss this post?? It can't have come through on my Reader. How sorry I am to learn of these latest struggles dear Cheri - but thanks be that things are at least on the up. Bring on 2015 for you both.
    One step at a time, a breakthrough and God's blessings - you're on a winner.
    And Cheri, thank you dear lady for your lovely comments - I will never ever forget that you were my very very first blog friend.
    New Year blessings dear Cheri.