Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Valleys

Two weeks ago I thought my husband might die.  Now, I have thought this many times because it comes with the territory when your husband is a C2 quadraplegic on a diaphragmic pacemaker.  The neuropathy in his stomach and his breathing had gotten so bad he was begging for relief.  We have never had to have oxygen and now he is on the highest dial of oxygen we could get. He didn’t even have a voice because he could get enough air over his vocal cords to talk.  It was one of the lowest points, besides our little trip to the hospital in December, that I have had in a long time.  I thought maybe an outing would cheer him up so we got in the van and took out.  He breathing was so weak and bad that he couldn't even trip the mobile oxygen machine so I had to turn around and take him home.  He said go on on to Enid I will be fine so I did, but I knew he was disappointed and I cried all the way to Enid, moped around in some stores and came home. We had our devotions that night and I truly believe that when you are in the lowest valley, God gives you revelation and wisdom because you have to rely on Him since you have run out of options.  I got the vent down out of the closet and told Dennis we were going to do an hour vent session in the morning and a cough assist session at night.  Both machines open the lungs up and I was hoping for better breathing.  Then we had an appt with one of our doctors and Dennis is going to get scoped again to see if there is something else going on in the stomach.  We are praying there is because neuropathy is the worst and there is not a great cure for it.  The next day we saw a pain management doctor and he is trying different things for the pain.  He is breathing better and I can hear him great!  He has slept the last two nights without oxygen and we are doing little spurts in the day without oxygen.  While he was home one day he told his dad there had to be a way to do the oxygen without having to go through his nose. (it was raw).  So Dennis and his dad made a contraption that goes right in his trach and he can trip the mobile every time and his nose and ears get some relief!  We believe God gave him that wisdom also.  To everything we give Him the glory!  I talked to my daughter the other night on the phone and she said, “Mom, maybe we are getting out of this valley.”  I believe we are.  Much love, Cheri

Here are some of our spring photos!  We have had such a wet spring and it's been wonderful.  We have been in a two year drought so this moisture has helped.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Tornado season.

 I love spring in Oklahoma when everything is getting green and all the perennials are coming to life.  It's before the dreaded heat wave and after the last frost.  It's also tornado  time.

 I have wrote about this before, and every season we swear we are going to have a safe room big enough for Dennis to get in, and every year we don't have it.  Here is our dilemma.  Dennis is usually in bed by the time the night time storms start up.  So we have a cycle helmet and a shower trolley that we can put him in and roll into the shower which is cement and in the middle of the house.

The cellar is in my patio room but the stairs are very steep and it's all I can do to get my two dogs, my mom and myself down there.

 So we do a lot of praying for safety and trusting in God to see us through.  Much love, Cheri

P.S.  these things scare me!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 2015!

This month is a very special landmark month for us.  Dennis and I have been married 35 years and our baby (Whitney) turns 30!
The day started off great.  Our community does a project called Make a Difference Day and they were at my house fixing some siding, putting some light in my cellar and the lights in my shed. 

Nothing in our life is ever quiet or normal for long.  I was meeting my daughter for a fun filled day of shopping and girl talk, and I had surprised her with a haircut, we had just sat down when I looked at my phone and horror!  My baby dog Deacon had been hurt by another big dog.  It was bad.  My mother–in-law and her friend Nancy met us half way and I took my baby to the emergency room.  Many stitches later we came home. 

He slept through the night and the next morning we had planned to go to church and thank everyone who had worked at our house.  
I felt like it was too soon to leave Deacon so we had church at home.  This was our anniversary so I told Dennis what the vet bill was and said Happy Anniversary!!

I think God is testing our warrior ability and I think we may me up to code!  Thank God we have Him in all situations because this stuff would be hard to go through alone!  Much love, Cheri