Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 2015!

This month is a very special landmark month for us.  Dennis and I have been married 35 years and our baby (Whitney) turns 30!
The day started off great.  Our community does a project called Make a Difference Day and they were at my house fixing some siding, putting some light in my cellar and the lights in my shed. 

Nothing in our life is ever quiet or normal for long.  I was meeting my daughter for a fun filled day of shopping and girl talk, and I had surprised her with a haircut, we had just sat down when I looked at my phone and horror!  My baby dog Deacon had been hurt by another big dog.  It was bad.  My mother–in-law and her friend Nancy met us half way and I took my baby to the emergency room.  Many stitches later we came home. 

He slept through the night and the next morning we had planned to go to church and thank everyone who had worked at our house.  
I felt like it was too soon to leave Deacon so we had church at home.  This was our anniversary so I told Dennis what the vet bill was and said Happy Anniversary!!

I think God is testing our warrior ability and I think we may me up to code!  Thank God we have Him in all situations because this stuff would be hard to go through alone!  Much love, Cheri


  1. I admire your optimism with the difficult life you have. So sorry to hear about your injured dog. Hope he will recover soon. The photo of your marriage is so sweet, time flies.
    Love, Marianne

  2. Such a blessing but sorry about Deacon. Wondered why he was lying in the basket on Fb.

  3. Cheri, so sorry about Deacon, may he have an easy and quick recovery!
    Congratulations to you and Dennis on 35 love-filled years and a happy and blessed birthday to your lovely Whitney.
    And how marvellous that you were the recipients of Make a difference day.