Friday, April 17, 2015

Tornado season.

 I love spring in Oklahoma when everything is getting green and all the perennials are coming to life.  It's before the dreaded heat wave and after the last frost.  It's also tornado  time.

 I have wrote about this before, and every season we swear we are going to have a safe room big enough for Dennis to get in, and every year we don't have it.  Here is our dilemma.  Dennis is usually in bed by the time the night time storms start up.  So we have a cycle helmet and a shower trolley that we can put him in and roll into the shower which is cement and in the middle of the house.

The cellar is in my patio room but the stairs are very steep and it's all I can do to get my two dogs, my mom and myself down there.

 So we do a lot of praying for safety and trusting in God to see us through.  Much love, Cheri

P.S.  these things scare me!


  1. That is very scary to expierence I am sure. I hope they will not hit your town. Wish you luck.

  2. Calling for complete protection over you all.

  3. I would say that you have figured out a gret plan.