Saturday, June 27, 2015

Still Here!

It has been two months since I have posted anything and I want to thank a lot of my blogger friends who have asked about us and gave us encouraging words, they mean a lot.  Things are going very well, Dennis is working with a pain doctor trying to get the neuropathy controlled, as there really is not a cure but God is good and we will never give up.  I haven't got to take many photos but I decided to show my viewers a little part of my town.  I have many followers that live all over and when I follow someone I love seeing a part of where they live and their community.  Dennis and I live in a rural Oklahoma town, and trust me when I say that I would NOT want to live anywhere else in the world.  The people here care deeply for one another, church and God is very much alive here, helping one another, and it is very peaceful.  Yes, we have are small town problems, (everyone knows everything about everybody!)  Here is a sneak peek at what my town looks like.
                  This is a little south and east of Fairview near a little town called Homestead, they are growing Canola and it is beautiful!
 We are a county seat and in my back yard is the Major Co fair building.  We show livestock and have judging on food items and almost everything else.
 Also in my backyard is the baseball and softball fields.  They play during the year and almost all summer.

 We have a great pool at our city park (also in my backyard).  The water slide is an added bonus!
 Downtown Fairview is mostly Main Street and we have great stores.
 My mom has worked at Jensen's car dealership for over 20 years.  I love their neon sign.
 We have an annual car show and it is a great time.  It is a little hot for me as it is in August and August in Oklahoma is not pretty!

 This is our American Legion Building.
 This is our "high rise", the Broadway Tower.
P.S.  Al, Rose, Grace, Marianne, thank you for kind words of encouragement.  Thanks everyone for peeking in even when I haven't got to post in awhile.  Much Love, Cheri


  1. Glad to hear you both are doing well. You never know why someone is having a blogpause, I see that comment here above, I had the same, it is a spam in my opinion. Wish you all the best and have a nice summer.

  2. Interesting to enlarge all the pictures on my 22 inch monitor. Just like the old movies. Thanks for posting and hope you are all OK. I know you and Dennis have had some difficult times recently and I pray for a time of rest and relaxation where possible through the Summer. 95f here in shade today - 10 years since the last time and when it goes from the 60's to the 90's within a few days its hard to adjust.