Friday, July 17, 2015

Quad Wife Confessions continued....

I can take a lot of things, but when mechanical things go down I'm out.  Dennis has a diaphragmic pacemaker and the other night one of the teeny weeny wires popped off.  He has to have these wires to breathe so the alarm sounded and I had to hook him up to the ventilator.  We have had this happen one time before and with the help of our good friend Mr Wizard and his son got it back on.  We had to contact Cleveland and get the right tools and then they sent us a video.  Well, this time it was at night and we didn't have tools.  Well our great crew of Mr Wizard and his daughter this time, plus Dennis's dad, got it going.  It is so teeny and it has to be insulated or those wires will shock Dennis when we start the pacemaker.  I was pacing and praying God to give them wisdom and knowledge.  What a team effort with the Master's hand guiding everyone.
But, on a good note, Dennis is feeling good and we took a drive to the lake the other day.  Of course, I stopped and took the cutest baby goat pictures!!

I grew up on a farm and we had every kind of animal except goats!! Now i want one.  For my readers out of country, it is high 90's and HOT!!!  Dennis can not take the heat for very long so we have to watch what we do.  Have a great weekend!  much love, Cheri

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  1. What a nerving and scary experience for you and glad you found help with the right people. I admire your optimism to go out again and showing us some nice pictures of the surroundings. Take care.
    Love Marianne