Thursday, December 24, 2015

Many Blessings!

                                                    Much love, Cheri

Friday, December 11, 2015


I have seriously been neglecting my blog and I apologize.  I feel we are so blessed because right now everyone is pretty healthy (a far cry from last year).  I have all decorations up and all present bought and I am really enjoying the season.  Last night my place of employment went to see Mannheim Steamroller for our Christmas partym and we all had a great time.
Dennis is doing very well and they had their FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Christmas pizza party on thursday.
We had an ice storm in the last week of November.  For those who do not have someone who is disabled this is an inconvience, for us it's major!  To get ready for an icestorm you have to make sure there is plenty of gas for the generator.  We have an outlet in our bedroom for Dennis's bed and suction machine and cough assist machine and oxygen.  I have to go and run cords in for the fridge and T.V.  We have a fire place for warmth.  We were blessed this year because some were out for weeks but we were only out for hours.  My poor tree was not so fortunate.

Right now it is in th 70's, very unusual for Oklahoma in the winter.  I believe we broke some records, and I am not complaining.  We are praying for continued health and praise God for looking after us.  Much love, Cheri