Monday, January 25, 2016

New Wheelchair Time!

We finally got Dennis's new wheelchair after 5 months of red tape and putting together the chair.  Keith, from Tulsa came over and delivered the chair on Wednesday.  It takes a lot of patience and tinkering to get the chair where you want it. 

After many hours of tweeking we got it somewhat to where we wanted it, or so we thought.  Keith left and the next day was a little sketchy getting him in and out of the chair.  We don't have an attendee driving stick anymore because Medicare doesn't care if they pass out and you need to take over!  They assume you will be staying home and never go anywhere.  So we do have a kill switch to stop him from plowing into something.  We also don't have any front hooks to bolt him down in the van.  Medicare (the government) wants you to please stay home, why do you need to go anywhere??  The little black box where we can plug his vent into his chair batteries was also out of pocket ( I won't even tell you how much this little black box cost cause you wouldn't believe it.)
So the days after they came we have been working on getting the chair to where we want it.  We had a rough day at church Sunday but our friend Max (Mr. Wizard) and Dennis's dad Larry worked on it some more.
 We had a little mishap evolving my coffee table and some things on top!
Hopefully, things will get better!  We still have our old chair because now insurance (the government) will no longer let them sell reconditioned chairs, so it justs sits there.  Ugh!  I could go on and on but we are blessed with this chair and I am praising God that we have it.  Many blessings, Cheri
Deacon was not impressed with any of it!


  1. It seems like everything is now less, it is all about money nowadays. Glad you had help from others to get things fixed.

  2. Sorry you have had all these issues Cheri. It seems the same all over these days. No respect of circumstances just money.

  3. Good luck with the new wheelchair. They don't make anything easy!

  4. Oh dear Governments! can't believe I've missed this post Cheri.... congrats on the new wheelchair and lets pray all the hitches are ironed out and it'll be as smooth as the older one very soon! Oh my Deacon does not look impressed... :)