Sunday, January 17, 2016

Post Christmas

Dennis and I had a great Christmas.  Everyone was in good health and all my family was here, except for one of my nephew and a great nephew and niece.  One of my other nephews is going to have a baby, so great news!   Last Christmas we had a similar annoucement so this is becoming a tradition!  Lots of fun and games and laughter.  I had this picture taken of my family before the chaos started!

This is a photo of my mom and my siblings!  Love them all.
these are the grandchildren that were there.  I am not quite sure why I didn't get a great grandchildren photo, but I will next year!

I felt so blessed the Christmas, last Christmas I was sick and then Dennis got so sick.  God kept us under His wing this Christmas and I am very grateful.  His grace and mercy is something we worship at Christmas and every other day.  The fact that He sent His son so that we could live eternally with Him is something we should celebrate every day of the year.  Much love, Cheri
P.S.  This is my favorite picture of my daughter Whitney and her husband Nick.


  1. Looks you had a great time with the whole family around.
    Wish you a very happy New Year, keep going.

  2. So glad that your Christmas was such a good and healthy time as I remember how sick you were last year. Good photos and such togetherness a blessing. Happy New Year Cheri.

  3. And what a lovely family Cheri, bless you all.... this brings a memory of a post long ago..... is Whitney still doing art?? she is very talented I remember...