Monday, August 29, 2016

I'm so thankful I live where I live!

For those who live outside the US and read my blog, this is my little town.

Everyday I am amazed at some kindness that someone has done, or people reaching out to people in need.  The town always seems to pull together to care for those who are grieving or are in pain or just need some help.  It happens to Dennis and I all the time and it never ceases to make me realize how God works through people.  It can be a big thing or it can be a little thing like the other morning I was a little put out because on Saturdays i like to get my paper and coffee and sit in my patio room and read.  I didn't get my paper and I may have mention it on social media.  Within 10 minutes there was a knock on my door and a lovely friend who lives the block over brought me her paper.  This is the kind of town I live in and thank you God for putting me here!  Much love, Cheri