Saturday, September 3, 2016

Car Show 2016

Well, today we woke up to a 5.6 earthquake and the 2016 annual Fairview car show!  it was a beautiful day so I took Dennis and his brand new chair to town.  He got the new chair yesterday so the kinks haven't worked out yet and right off the bat banged his head going in the van.   Cars do not interest me but Dennis has sat while I have been in a lot of antique stores so off we went.

This is the Lion's Club hamburger and hot dog booth.  They take donations and it all goes to a very worthy cause, the hard worker in the yellow is Dennis's dad.

                                       This orange vette was my absolute favorite car!!
Dennis is looking at a friend, Brett Howerton's mustang .

                                           This is Brett's red 70's trike.
                                          This is our friend Dustin's mustang!
        I got to duck into a shop and look around.  I loved these two signs!
There are also some not so great things.
It's hard for wheelchairs to get on the sidewalk when they are blocked by vendors! 

It's also hard to let the ramp down when people park in the stripes.. LOL   But we had a good outing and minor blips.  Much love, Cheri



  1. So glad you and Dennis were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful day! Love our small town events and the awesome people in it who work so hard to make it fun for us!

  2. Glad you were not affected by the earthquake. Your town reminds me so much of the cowboy towns in old films. I looked at all the pictures full screen (22 inches) and found them fascinating.

  3. The car show looks like fun, the earthquake doesn't sound like fun.

  4. I'm so not a car person. My husband always asks who I am waving at. Apparently I don't know anything about what cars people drive. I go by color only! Ha!

  5. I am glad the earthquake did not put a damper on your Fairview Car Show this year. I think all the cars look amazing, and the red trike stands out in a good way. It looks like Dennis had a great time at the car show, and I am glad you were able to check out the shops as well.