Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Quick Trip to Grand.

A couple of Dennis and I's long time friends decided to run away and make a break for Grand Lake last weekend.  We left on Thursday night and came home Sunday so it was a fast mini vacation, but an oh so needed getaway.  I was a little hesititant because this is the lake that my husband and I, along with these friends and all our children, went for over 20 years.   We even brought Dennis here a couple of times after his accident.  I won't say there were no moments of melancholy, because that would be a lie, but I muddled through them and knew that he would always be a part of Honey Creek.  Honey Creek was his home away from home and I could see him everywhere.  My friends and I were determined to make new memories and have a great time and we accomplished that.  New memories, new friends, great food  and a great view, what more could we want (except Dennis).  Much love, Cheri

In memory of a really fun and awesome person!



  1. That looks so nice and peaceful. Kind of you friends to take you on a trip together.

  2. Glad you had a lovely time. I'm sure you needed it and deserve it.

  3. A break away is always a good thing, even if sadness follows you along. And Cheri, I will always be interested in how you get on and how life twists and changes for you along our sometimes very rocky path in life amid its heartaches and its joys. Much love Rose.

    1. Thank you Rose! I couldn't get on your blog and am so wanting to catch up.

    2. Cheri, I've stopped blogging so sorry you couldnt access the blog. Perhaps I will again one day, but whenever you feel like a chat my email address is still the same rosefromozagain@gmail.com
      Thinking of you....x