Monday, July 31, 2017

Rodeo Time!

It's rodeo time in Fairview and a staple in our community is the Fairview Wranglers Rodeo Parade.

The parade goes by and the people from the parade throw candy at the children.  These are some special kids waiting for their treats!

And of course, a visit from some clowns!

It was a great day for a parade .  This time of year always makes me think of my husband Dennis.  We live right behind the rodeo grounds so we would sit in our backyard and listen to the rodeo.  One year my husband had made a remote control skunk as a practical joke for the people that used to go to Grand Lake with us.  When we got home it's around rodeo time so we would sit out and wait for people at the rodeo dance to come walking and Dennis would run the skunk out.  We had great laughs and great memories from this time of year!



  1. Precious, precious memories - keep them coming, your blog is a wonderful platform for memories of Dennis and your amazing life together as well as being something for your children to treasure as well. And Cheri - a reply email is coming! x

  2. It is nice to have such good memories and make new experiences.