Monday, August 28, 2017

One last hurrah!!

We went back to Grand Lake for one last hurrah before the fall season is upon us.  Grand Lake has a different feel to it when all the kids are back in school and the summer is almost over.  It didn't matter to us we always have a "Grand" time!!

 This is where we love to eat!  Terra Miranda on Monkey Island. 
                                                                      Great friends!
Much love, Cheri

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Next year at this time!

If all goes well and God willing,
I may be on a new adventure next summer!  I'll give you a hint and I will listen to any advice someone would like to give. (as long as it is positive)

My friend Jana and I are planning to go, so please pray for a safe and fun filled adventure as we plan and go next summer.  This will be my first trip out of the country in 17 years and I am praying for God's peace on this journey.  I know Dennis's would be excited for me and glad it was not him going as was the case when I went to France, Holland and Belgium.  Much Love, Cheri