Saturday, August 12, 2017

Next year at this time!

If all goes well and God willing,
I may be on a new adventure next summer!  I'll give you a hint and I will listen to any advice someone would like to give. (as long as it is positive)

My friend Jana and I are planning to go, so please pray for a safe and fun filled adventure as we plan and go next summer.  This will be my first trip out of the country in 17 years and I am praying for God's peace on this journey.  I know Dennis's would be excited for me and glad it was not him going as was the case when I went to France, Holland and Belgium.  Much Love, Cheri


  1. You will love that country. I was there in 2014. Beautiful coastlines and everybody makes music and sings there.

  2. Ireland!

    Drink a Guiness. :-)

  3. Oh you two are going to the grandest time....I may have some tips and hints on my return in November...stay tuned! Have a ton of fun with the planning stage :)

    1. Rose, I can't wait to hear about your trip. You cna give me all the tips when you get back!!