Monday, January 15, 2018


Dennis's side of the family didn't get together at Christmas, it was a little sad for me because I worried about staying connected to the people who have been my family for 37 years.  So last weekend we all got together for January birthdays and a belated Christmas.  We got a limo and went to the German Restaurant in Waynoka, Ok, yes, Waynoka.  It is run by a man named Dieter and it is amazing!  (Also where my father grew up.)   My niece, Karley drove as she is the only one not of legal drinking age, not that we drank but just in case we wanted some wine with dinner.  I had never been to CafĂ© Bahnhof and I didn't know what to expect, but it was a treat!  The appetizers were great and the food delicious, I will look forward to my next visit.  We had a blast and when we got home played cards till very late.  We also had a beer for Dennis, he would have loved this restaurant!  Great memories.

Much love , Cheri